Formulare / Forms

In this section you find various form files for studying in our group, e.g. study plan templates for Neuroinformatics/Computational Neuroscience.

Vorlesungen / Lectures

Here you find lecture slides and additional download material for the lectures given from our group.

Simsea Benschmark

Benchmark for image classification used in the paper entitled "Semantic Image Search: Automated Generation of Image-databases for Robotic Applications" by Tomas Kulvicius, Markus Schoeler, Irene Markelic, Minija Tamosiunaite and Florentin Wörgötter.

Open Thesis Positions

Here you find a list of open projects for your Bachelor or Master Thesis. Not all projects will be published here. If you want to write your thesis in our group, just come around and talk to us.

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